According to the French media, hundreds of lorries have been blocking the French and Belgian border posts since 5 a.m. The A2 is the most affected road with two lanes cut off at Neuville-en-Ferrain, just north of Lille.
In Belgium, the E19 at Hautrage and Hensies is closed and vehicles wishing to enter France must take the E42. The E17 at Rekkem is also cut off in the direction of France.
The cuts and roadblocks are causing major traffic slowdowns.
The Macron government’s attempt to raise the business tax on diesel has provoked protests from French transport associations. FNTR and OTRE have announced that the blockades will continue at least until midday.
For his part, the general secretary of FNTR Pass-de-Calais, Sébastien Rivera, has declared that the measure proposed by the French Executive would mean the payment of 600 to 700 euros more per vehicle and has announced that next Thursday, December 5, the day of the general strike, they will carry out more mobilizations.