CETM has always been characterised by its innovative character and its willingness to dialogue with all political, economic and social forces, our main objective being to collaborate in finding the best solutions to the problems that beset transport and logistics companies.

For this reason, we make a daily effort to keep ourselves informed of the situation in which all our associated companies and organisations find themselves, being always ready to listen to their proposals and to collaborate in all those matters in which we can be of use to you.

CETM is structured in 40 provincial, 5 regional and 9 national organizations, which correspond to the different specialties of goods transport: general cargo, logistics operators, transport centers, tanks, refrigerators, vehicle carriers, removals, multimodal transport and training, being the organization of the transport and logistics sector that has the largest number of transport companies and commercial vehicles associated throughout the European Union.

The group of more than 31,000 transport and logistics companies that make up the CETM:


  • They have 129,000 commercial vehicles.
  • They employ 215,000 workers (of which 152,000 are professional drivers).
  • They have a total turnover of 9.4 billion Euros per year.
  • They transport 101 billion tons/km per year.
  • They make investments worth 2.45 billion Euros each year.
  • Their vehicles consume more than 2.62 billion litres of fuel per year.



CETM is the most representative organisation (51 %) of the National Road Transport Committee since its creation in 1993. The National Road Transport Committee (CNTC, Spanish acronym) is a consultative body, of collaboration and sectorial interlocution for the public administrations with competence on transport matters, and especially for the Ministry of Transport, Mobility an Urban Agenda.

The CNTC is made up of those organisations representing transporters and auxiliary and complementary road transport activities, which can prove their representativeness before the Ministry of Transport, Mobility an Urban Agenda.

Its composition is reviewed every 4 years in order to ensure that those organisations with a real weight in the sector are represented. The composition of the CNTC for the period 2018-2021 is as follows:


In addition, CETM participates, among others, in the following forums:

  • International Road Transport Union (IRU)
  • Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE).
  • National Land Transport Council.
  • Spanish Associations for the Promotion of Short Sea Shipping
  • Member of the European Associations: EUROTRA (Training), EUROPLATFORMS (Logistic Centres) and FEDEMAC (Removals), through their National Organizations


CETM is the interlocutor of the road transport sector with the social agents, the CC.OO. and UGT (the biggest unions in Spain), having signed with them the General Labour Agreement, of state scope.

We have a delegation in Brussels with the aim of covering and following up on regulatory initiatives in the European Union, lobbying Spanish transport to the European institutions, we have an organisation -CEFTRAL- exclusively dedicated to the development of professional training in the transport and logistics sector, a society of integral services to the transport -SINTRA- and we own the magazine Transporte Profesional, a leading publication in the sector, with a monthly circulation of 35,000 copies.