The Catalan Traffic Service has published Resolution INT/551/2020, of 26 February, which modifies the restrictions on the transport of perishable goods contained in Resolution INT/383/2020, of 13 February.

By mistake, Trànsit included the transport of perishable goods in Annex E of the traffic restrictions established in Catalonia for the year 2020.

Therefore, as indicated in the correction, and as is the case with both the national and Basque Country restrictions, the transport of perishable goods is exempt from those limitations. This includes fresh fruit and vegetables and perishable products that have to be at a controlled temperature according to Annex 3 of the ATP (pulses, onions, potatoes, garlic, cut or potted flowers, honey and animal carcasses).

CETM organizations in Catalonia detected the failure and contacted the Catalan Traffic Service so that it could be corrected as soon as possible.

The publication of Resolution INT/383/2020 created quite a lot of confusion in the sector and in some areas they went ahead and criticized the bans.

Vehicles transporting perishable goods are free of such restrictions, otherwise it would be detrimental not only to transport but also to the fruit and vegetable sector, the main exporter of fruit and vegetables in our country. Therefore, CETM applauds the fact that Transit has corrected the error by publishing this new Resolution.