The road haulage sector has been living through weeks of protests by farmers with constant roadblocks. However, despite the fact that this type of mobilization alters our activity and damages it, our sector has not complained but, due to the events that took place yesterday in La Carolina (Jaén), the time has come to do so.

During the cut of the A-4 at the height of La Carolina, the farmers assaulted a Moroccan truck loaded with vegetables and not only threw away all the merchandise, but also punctured the wheels of the vehicle leaving it immobilized and damaging a professional who is not responsible for the situation of the agricultural sector in Spain.

In our opinion, episodes such as this detract from their claims, since they have the right to demand measures and to assert their profession, but not to harm the rest. In this way, we want to remind the agricultural sector that the end does not justify the means.

From the CETM we demand that this type of situation is not repeated and we ask the farmers to control the actions that are carried out during their protests since, unfortunately, our sector has been the eternal victim of attacks of these characteristics that have been carried out in France and has had to live through deplorable situations, which have caused irreparable damage and losses.

The transport of goods by road cannot be the one to always assume the damages unjustly when claims are made and, for this reason, the CETM strongly expresses its deep rejection.

The assault on lorries is a direct attack on the transport of goods, even though it is not responsible for the problems of agriculture and is also essential for getting its products to consumers.

Video posted by the Professional Transportation Forum where they show the state in which the truck was left.